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tell me! Islamic countries for (ISIS / ISIL)

Ministry of Defense  fiscal Toshiban Defense ... tell me! The Islamic State (ISIS / ISIL), or will the people of the Middle East is how to accept? ICRS is foil only grasp of each country of the number of people, volunteered soldiers from the EU in the region is people who travel to Syria and Iraq, together in any way, what was recruited to look, and, they for more information has conducted a survey on such as a person affected (the person who has carried out a sermon on the Internet). The reason why the detailed analysis is performed, ) That combat in the current Iraq Syria region, the human resources to compete as a soldier, a war that was recruited for the first time from all over the world via the Internet ) That this to people who go to foreign countries volunteered as a soldier, but was mainly combat experience and mercenaries, most of the young people when the current combat inexperienced person Such as is Masu Kangaerae. But, perhaps than this one of the reasons, will return later to participate in the battle people's home Grounded terrorism (usually in spite of living in Western countries, resonates with the radical ideas of al-Qaeda, etc.

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