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ISIS al-Qaeda problem [rather worse]

Ministry of Defense  fiscal Toshiban Defense ... Why can not rejoice in the ISIS al-Qaeda problem [rather worse] terrorist mastermind killed Risamonako former Assistant to the President of the Obama administration (Counter-Terrorism in charge) has recently Uree American dark outlook in the Middle East. [Al Qaeda to take root, all conditions that ISIS was shown Ikioizuka the extremists is expanding, currently exist in the Middle East and other regions also] and, Monaco says. [It is getting worse rather than this issue fade away. If you look at Yemen, should it be seen] In Muslim-entry ban of playing cards, and has been making new friends is also difficult, Monaco says. [With a message such as insulation like that no matter what the Islamic world, was set fire to the movement of the force of ISIS Enlarge] Where to see the Panetta, to completely withdraw US troops within 0 days from Syria, Afghanistan troops to up to 00 years determination of playing cards that significantly reduced is brought to anxiety allies.

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